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Aston Martin Cake Class


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In this 2 day class you will learn how create this very popular car cake. You will be shown how to use blueprints to get the scale and proportions right which can be transferred to any vehicle. You will learn how to carve the sponges into shape, how to use ganache to finalise the shape, how to cover and get the realistic shine. Then you will learn how to do the details, including how to make alloys for wheels . You will also cover a board and learn how to create the shaped board for the sponges to sit on and how to raise it off the ground. This class uses different fondants and pastes and it will teach you which I prefer to use for each part. It is a fantastic class for anyone wanting to create car cakes in the future and make then look like the specific make of car!

Everything is provided, from consumables, equipment, aprons and lunch and you can of course take your cake home with you! These car cakes sell for more than £200 so this is a great value class and a lot of fun too!

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7th & 8th June, 13th & 14th Sept, 28th & 29th February 2020